Permaculture – Greening the World and feeding ourselves…

Give a man a bowl of rice and he eats for a day… give a man the ability and knowledge to farm and he feeds himself, his family and those around him… ~ Metropolitan Archbishop David J. Gagnon

One of A.N.G.E.L.’s humanitarian missions is to promote and encourage our member-state partners’ cooperation with the development of Permaculture farming.  Perma-Culture farming utilizes ecological design and engineering with environmental designs along with strategic water management.  This produces high-density crops with minimal input.  This type of farming is regenerative and self-maintaining.  It is modeled on the natural ecosystems.  By promoting and educating our member-state governments on the benefits of this self-sustainable farming/food generating system, they can promote quality foods that can be farmed by their citizens with little to no future investment by the government.  The government is providing the humanitarian needs of its citizen with little effort or monetary expense. A Win-Win situation.


By adding Perma-Culture farming to the educational curriculum, future generations will learn to care and expand the eco-gardening practices.  This provides and promotes a healthy environment for everyone. The quality of food grown in a perma-cultural environment far supersedes the nutritional value and harvest of regular farm foods.  Natural fertilizers and compose ensures quality organic and GMO-free farming.


Colonies can be built and sustained around the Perma-Culture projects that can feed and nourish the ever-developing communities slowly developing more land towards neighboring colonies.  This will benefit more and more people throughout the country.  In addition to some assistance from the government if desired, more and more wasteland or wasted land can be converted into valuable, enriched farmland that will feed generations to come and make for a prosperous and healthy country and its citizens.

We believe governments that sponsor Perma-Culture farming along with the desire to promote this type of healthy environment for its’ citizens will never have to worry about being re-elected or supported.

Contact your Minister of Foreign Affairs and request they contact A.N.G.E.L. at and join our Inter-Governmental Organization to make a difference in your country today.